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The Tudors Season 4 Ep 2 Review

Culpepper sleazes around. Surrey bores. Henry misses Cromwell and Lady Anne of Cleves visits for Christmas. Queen Katherine is showered with gifts and she dances with Anne of Cleves. Henry is delighted that Anne of Cleves and Queen Katherine are bonding and then he becomes unwell. Culpepper and Jane Boleyn get it on. Jane starts plotting. Queen Katherine and Mary quarrel as they dislike each other. Queen Katherine is stupid, proving Mary right that she is frivolous. This was dull. Katherine is spectacularly stupid.

Best Lines:
“Never the less Lady Mary, I feel that you will have to reconcile yourself to the new woman.”
“No I will not.”

“If his Majesty thought me any frivolous, why did he marry me?”
“You are thought capable of bearing sons. Unfortunately for all the King’s attentions I see you are still not pregnant. In any case he will soon tire of you.”

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