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Flashforward Ep 17 Review

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

So this is cancelled, it is no surprise as too many eps were either boring or just downright bad. This ep is all about Janis except for the scenes where Olivia tracks down her stalker Gabriel. It seems that according to Gabriel she should have married Lloyd and that Mark and Charlie are irrelevant. Why is Olivia so eager to abandon all loyalty to her husband?

There are bizarre ramblings about 2nd century BC calculators and how Frost designed a clock to determine dates. Janis’s handler works in a pet store and she annoys. Janis runs around being the mole in a black leather outfit that isn’t exactly inconspicuous. Mark learns that a QED ring is hidden in the chess piece he found back in episode 2.

Janis turns out to be a double agent, her real master is Vogel. Elsewhere Aaron’s flashforward begins to come together. Gabriel yaps on and on about Raven River experiments conducted by Frost that induced flash forwards in savants. Janis is told to kill Mark. This was dull.

We get a flashback to the flash-forward, which makes one wonder if Wedeck was in the bathroom during the flashforward how did he get there so fast? Why did Frost never explain anything? Why is Olivia so eager to be polluted by Gabriel’s annoying whining? What is the cause that Janis is working for?
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