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Lost Season 6 Ep 15 Review

Across the Sea

We get the origin story of Jacob and his nemesis, who turns out to be his twin brother who never got a name. Their mother Claudia was washed up on the island, gave birth and then got her head bashed in by the island’s then unnamed protector.

The Unnamed One was never happy and went off to lead the first lot of Others who were Claudia’s fellow shipwrecked people. Fake Momma was guarding a glow hole in the jungle. Jacob really is a lazy prat. Fake Momma loved the Unnamed One more. The Unnamed One built the wheel and the well and led the Others and found all the island’s special places. So basically he was the smart one. Then Fake Momma tried to kill him, killed his people and Jacob turned him into the smoke monster by throwing him into the glow hole no wonder he’s angry.

Jacob never wanted to protect the island. He’s a goob and left his brother and Fake Momma’s bodies in the cave where Kate and Jack found them back in season 1. Like anybody cared. This was good but Jacob is a prat who stole all his brother’s accomplishments for his own. This is who Richard and the Others worship?

Was Claudia a Roman? Who was Jacob and unnamed one’s fake mother? Is Jacob being reborn after Ben stabbed him? Where did the boars come from? What is the glow hole? How can it make the light go out everywhere? Was Jacob having the Others worship him a game to him all along? How did the Unnamed One see Claudia? How was the Unnamed One’s knife forged? How did Jacob cut his hair? What is the source/heart of the island? Where did Fake Momma’s glass decanter and shiny cup come from? Who built the statue as it wasn’t in this ep. Why did Fake Momma thank the Unnamed One after he killed her?

Best Line:
This island is all there is.”
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