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The Tudors Season 4 Ep 1 Review

Henry VIII has married his fifth wife Katherine Howard, a teenager with an IQ in the minus numbers who has a taste for huge tacky tiaras. Henry adores his mid-life crisis tart, everyone else rolls their eyes. Suffolk continues to whine and plot. His wife has left him and he’s learnt nothing.

Norfolk’s son Surrey shows up to moan about the court being run by “men of low birth”. He moans about this to Suffolk who is one of those men of low birth. Thomas Culpepper lurks around being a vile perv. Surrey sniffs after a court lady.

Queen Katherine and Lady Mary meet, Mary is unimpressed with her newest stepmother. Katherine’s friend Joan Bulmer shows up and gets a job as a Lady In Waiting by hinting about Katherine’s past. Katherine and her ladies act like they’re 5. Katherine meets Lady Elizabeth and her ghastly hair; it goes somewhat better than her meeting with Mary. This was okay but Suffolk’s endless whining grates.

Why hasn’t the Duke of Norfolk been seen since season 1? Why no mention of Mary Boleyn at her father’s funeral?

Best Lines:
“Some say it is the hottest summer in living memory which is a great inconvenience to the 500 citizens the King has incarcerated on charges of heresy.”

“His Majesty continues to demonstrate his perversity.”

“I understand Thomas Boleyn died recently.”
“Yes and the only mourners at his funeral were the ghosts of his children.”

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