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Chuck Season 1 Review, part 3

Chuck Versus The Crown Vic

Best Line:
"I think I made a horrible mistake."
"What did you swallow this time?"

The worst ep of season 1. The Chuck/Sarah UST is tiresome at this point.
Morgan meets Anna's parents. The only point of interest in this entire ep is
when Casey is told the new Intersect is being built and then Chuck will be
'taken care of'. Which is no doubt a big set-up for season 2. Dreadful ep.

Chuck Versus The Undercover Lover
Casey's ex-girlfriend Ilsa pulls a Bryce Larkin and returns from the dead.
But guess what? She's a spy too! So she, Casey, Chuck and Sarah work
together to take down some bad people. In the ep highlight: Casey gets in a
fight while Chuck is tied to his back and then the duo get thrown off a
hotel balcony and land in the pool.. Okay.

Chuck Versus The Marlin
Devon (aka Captain Awesome) is going to propose to Ellie with an antique
family heirloom ring that doesn't look antique at all. Chuck finds a bug in
the Buy More and it seems Fulcrum are onto him. So Chuck faces being shipped
off to a 'holding facility'. Meanwhile the Buy More is thrown into chaos
when it is 'robbed'. In the end Chuck is saved from the holding facility,
Fulcrum are thwarted (for now) and Ellie and Devon get engaged. However
season 1 ends on the ominous note of Casey and Sarah discussing how Chuck
can't stay with his family forever. A good ep.

I like this show. I hope season 2 is good and has Bryce in it and explains
more about Fulcrum and the new Intersect.
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