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Stargate Universe Season 1 Ep 15 Review


Eli, Scott, Greer and Chloe are stranded. Destiny is at the edge of the galaxy and is about to leave it. If they don’t get back to the ship they’re stranded forever. So when the roof falls on Greer, Scott and co abandon him and head off to save themselves.

Greer has flashbacks to his father, a veteran with PTSD issues. Greer sports a really bad wig in the flashbacks. Also TJ tells Young about their baby, he takes it well. He seems to have forgotten his wife. Scott, Eli and Chloe learn they’ve headed the wrong way and have been left behind. Greer is rescued. This was not interesting, how does Chloe suddenly know all this alien stuff?

Best Lines:
“Did you hear that?”
“Of course we heard it.”
“Dial the gate.”
“I’m dialling.”
“Dial faster.”

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