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Movie Reviews: Carriers + U.S. Marshals

Carriers (2009)

In a post plague wasteland, four twentysomethings: Danny, Brian (Chris Pine of ‘Star Trek’), Bobby (Piper Perabo) and Kate (Emily VanCamp of ‘Everwood’) are looking for a sanctuary. They stumble across Frank (Chris Meloni of ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’) and his sick daughter and team up due to need.

I don’t understand why this was left on the shelf for a couple of years, it is excellent. It’s bleak and depressing world and guns and Clorox are what is needed to survive. Brian talks about working at a stadium digging mass graves which helps to explain his attitude. The origin of the plague is never explained but it is highly lethal and truly disgusting. As a result society has broken down and not many people seem to be left.

This film has some disturbing imagery like the abandoned removal truck full of human remains. This is so unsettling and creepy but it gets worse as Bobby does something compassionate and pays a heavy price. The tension just goes on and on as to survive, you must have a streak of cold, selfish viciousness. By the end credits the group have drastically reduced in number and it’s clear that there might not be much point to surviving. This was excellent, shame it didn’t get a better release.

Best Lines:
“The sick are already dead.”

“I’ll read the map.”
“Can you? It has actual writing on it.”

“Where were they?”
“Their cruise ship was quarantined in Piraeus.”

“Why didn’t we let her sit tight in her McMansion waiting for the looters?”

U.S. Marshals (1998)

Sam Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones) is back and he’s chasing fugitives while wearing a chicken suit and waving a shotgun. Now Jones won the Oscar for stealing the show in ‘The Fugitive’ but this film is not good at all.

A plane crashes in a badly done messy scene and a prisoner escapes. Mark (Wesley Snipes of ‘Blade’) is running and John Royce (Robert Downey JR of ‘Iron Man’) joins Gerard’s team to help catch him.

Mark doesn’t engender much sympathy. He takes hostages, threatens and attacks people, endangers lives, shoots Gerard and never explains anything to anyone ever. We’re given no reason to care about or for him. Mark has an idiot girlfriend Marie (Irene Jacob) and Gerard gets a love interest in the form of his boss Walsh (Kate Nelligan).

There’s no reason to care about any of this. There is bad acting. Gerard has the same office and desk he did in ‘The Fugitive’ but he gets no good lines. There is general dumbness and it’s all so much boring infantilisation. Royce shoots Newman; yep he is the real baddie for never explained reasons. He just is bad and stares, twitches and makes a movie villain speech. Let’s pretend this sequel never happened.

Best Lines:
“You have a weapon?”
“Yeah, a big one. How about you?”
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