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Doctor Who: The Vampires of Venice review

The House of Calvierri is up to something in Venice of 1580. Amy’s fiancée Rory comes along for this trip. He’s a Danny Dyer wannabe who is way too good for Amy. Vampires seem to be on the loose in the city and there is something in the canal. This isn’t exactly the ‘Curse of Fenric’ is it? Rory’s not impressed with the Doctor and there is running and fighting and aliens and stuff blowing up. This was good.

Where were the Doge and the Council of Ten? How did Rory get into the Tardis? Is Amy special needs or something? What is the silence?

Best Lines:
“You owe Casanova a chicken?”

“And we never interrupt Mummy when she’s hydrating.”

“Makes you wonder what could be so bad it doesn’t actually mind us thinking it’s a vampire?”

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