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‘Salvage’ trailer
This UK horror film looks good.

‘Fringe’ 2x22 promo
Walter and Olivia really are in serious denial about Walter aren’t they? Olivia says Peter’s been “taken” but Walter did the taking. He stole Peter from another universe and it looks like Peter’s gone home. Peter must have gone with his real daddy so fast that the breeze from the closing door between universes should have knocked Walter on his backside.

Peter isn’t Walter’s son and the memory of Walter’s dead son is a star he’s still orbiting. And the Fringe team in the other universe feature a redheaded Olivia and a bald Charlie but where has his scar gone? Walternate seems to have a grudge and whose side is Peter on? And why did it take so long for Walternate to collect his son?

Why Don’t You love Me’ Beyonce music video
Nice video, awful song.

Supernatural’ 5x22 promo
This looks a bit rubbish to be honest.
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