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Flashforward Ep 16 Review

The Garden of Forking Paths

Demetri is in a ‘SAW’ like death trap. Charlie is useless and Olivia is selfish, dismissive and has bailed on her marriage. Maybe Mark was drinking in the future because his wife is a ho. Zoey is played by Alda. Dyson Frost babbles incomprehensibly and is all but omnipotent until he isn’t. Wedek’s wife and her vision seems to have been forgotten. Gabriel (James Callis of ‘Battlestar Galactica’) shows up, Olivia’s rude and disinterested. Wow, I can really see why Lloyd and Mark are fighting over her and Dylan worships her and how apparently this whole show revolves around her. This wasn’t interesting or thrilling at all. It was really awful as a matter of fact.

Experiments at Raven River induced flash forwards but why? The QED are the rings? Why is nobody after Lloyd and Simon for their part in the deaths of 20 million people? How did Alda get from the courthouse to the desert? Did Dyson Frost see the world end in 2016?
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