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Lost Season 6 Ep 14 Review

The Candidate

There’s a useless boring trip to the sideways ‘verse where Helen looks rough and Locke blames herself for turning his beloved father Anthony Cooper into a vegetable in a light plane crash. Also Jack has no boundaries and he gets to know Claire.

Meanwhile back on the island. Widmore is a jerk. Fake Locke turns out to have been playing a long game. There is no sign of Miles, Richard or Ben. After a dramatic scene, it is suddenly daylight. Fake Locke commits gratuitous acts of violence. Sawyer has no sense and as a result four main characters die in less than five minutes, great going Sawyer. Talk about The Charge of the Light Brigade style planning. If they'd listened to Richard, this wouldn't have happened.

Kate’s shot, will she die already? Claire is abandoned and seems to be realising she picked the wrong smoke monster mentor. Fake Locke plans more murdering after his ‘Das Boot’ style manipulations. This was okay but I cannot believe they just wiped out four main cast members like that.

Claire is really short. This ep needed to have ‘Two Tribes Go To War’ on the soundtrack as Sawyer and co hijacked the submarine. When did Sayid become good again? How did Sun get trapped like that? How did Sawyer breathe underwater while unconscious? Poor Ji Yeon had terrible parents. Hurley crying is not a pleasant sight.

Best Line:
“And we’re dead.”
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