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Fringe Season 2 Ep 20 Review

Brown Betty

Walter responds to Peter running away by getting high, he has about as much judgment as Towlie. Olivia shows up with her niece Ella and leaves her with Walter, the high child snatching experimenter on children guy. Olivia leaves and takes her bad judgment with her and Walter tells Ella a story that has a lot of parallels with seasons 1&2 so far.

In his story Olivia a noir PI is looking for Peter Bishop. Broyles sings. Gene has polka dots. Walter invented bubble gum, hugs, rainbows and singing corpses and Peter has a glass heart. Olivia is chased by creepy Watchers. Nina is evil and talks to an animated William Bell via the dimensional window. It’s an interesting story and Walter acknowledges the damage he’s done to his ‘son’ and how Peter may never forgive him. Ella doesn’t like the sad ending to the story and comes up with her own happy ending where Peter forgives Walter and dances with Olivia. Which version will play out in the show?

Astrid takes Walter back to his house and an Observer watches Walter, ominously. Something bad is going to happen. This was good.

Does Astrid know the truth about Peter? Where is Peter? What was with the ominous Observer? Walter really doesn’t like Massive Dynamic or William Bell does he?

Best Lines:
I was roughed up quite a lot as a child.”

“She only calls when it’s important or when she gets lost.”

“He steals children’s dreams and he replaces them with nightmares.”

“It’s too late Walter; there are some things you can’t undo.”

“The boy has not returned and I do not believe Dr Bishop remembers my warning.”

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