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Numb3rs Season 5 Ep 20 Review

The Fifth Man

Don receives a near fatal injury when an investigation goes wrong. Charlie half assed the math due to being selfish, yet again. Amita and Robin take up screen time. Liz and Nikki make it all about them. Colby acts ‘tough’. David gets on his high horse and Alan seems unconcerned except when blaming Charlie for Don getting stabbed.

The team track down the baddie responsible and uncover a conspiracy. Charlie sort of admits he messed the math up on purpose; Alan seems to pretend he didn’t hear that admission. Charlie solves the crime and confronts the baddie. Don wakes up and gets several Hello Kitty gift baskets. This was good.

Best Lines:
“You were too busy playing with your Wii weren’t you?”

“Don’s in the hospital, breathing through a tube.”

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