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Book Reviews: The Shadow Queen + The Ectoplasmic Man

The Shadow Queen by Anne Bishop

The 7th in the ‘Black Jewels’ saga is a sequel to ‘The Invisible Ring’. The land of Dena Nehele needs to be restored so Theran Grayhaven, a descendant of the hero and heroine of ‘The Invisible Ring’ asks for help. Dean Nehele needs a Queen who knows Protocol, the code of honour and lives by the Old Ways.

Cassidy is sent to Dena Nehele to rule and to remake the land, which is all but decimated after centuries of rule by corrupt Queens But her task is not easy especially as the shallow Theran is unimpressed by the Queen chosen to rule. She’s not pretty or powerful enough in his opinion and he undermines her rule ignoring the good work she does to repair the damaged land.

This is very good, the realms are healing after the corrupt villains were swept away but repairing the social, mental and physical damage caused by centuries of sadistic misrule is not easy. But it will be done. This is a welcome return to form after the disappointments of ‘Dreams Made Flesh’ and ‘Tangled Webs’.

The Ectoplasmic Man by Daniel Stashower
When Harry Houdini is accused of espionage, Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson have to clear his name. In doing so the trio are plunged into a morass of blackmail, illusions and derring do. This is a wonderfully fun Holmes story.

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