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Stargate Universe Season 1 Ep 13 Review


Destiny stops at an uncharted planet that should not exist. A team explore and lo and behold it’s the woods from SG1 and SGA! Kidding aside, it’s a nice, peaceful world and some want to stay and best of all: “No alien creatures slithering around.”

But what about the mysterious obelisk and Rush’s theories that aliens built the planet and the star? What about the theory that these aliens are on their way back? TJ doesn’t care, she wants to stay on the planet as she’s pregnant and she lets her hair down. But who is the father? Is it Young? Also Scott acts like a moron again, Wray is suspicious of Rush now and Young puts his foot down on the colony forming issue. Someone on the writing staff has read Stephen Baxter's 'Ark'.

Some people do stay behind; I wonder if we’ll ever hear from them or the alien overlords again. Still the small number that stayed isn’t enough for a viable colony. TJ doesn’t stay and returns to Destiny and puts her hair back up. This was good.

Why does Young sound like a three pack a day smoker? Why does Scott care about Chloe? Why does anyone believe a word Rush says at this point? Why odes the planet exist? How are they heating water on Destiny? Why didn’t Eli or Wray visit the planet? Why aren’t the scientists doing anything to mend fences? Why did Chloe not stay? What is it with this show’s musical montage obsession?

Best Lines:
"That star is not supposed to be here.”

“We’re 0 for 3 on close encounters of the third kind.”

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