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Being Human Series 2 Eps 5 – 8 Reviewed

Episode Five
In 1969 Mitchell was a bad boy, who hung out with Herrick, killed people and wore ugly underpants. He also took Josie hostage, then asked her to save him and of course we all know that in series 1 he killed her to save his life. George continues to be selfish as he meets his girlfriend’s vile daughter. Annie baby-sits a ghost baby. Lucy and her henchman Kemp plot. This was boring, everyone is a selfish jerk.

Best Lines:
I’ve got to find the car. I’ve a vague recollection of parking it on a bridge.”

“Did you steal this baby out of a supermarket trolley?”

Episode Six
A 1972 flashback shows why Kemp is what he is, vampires killed his family. Anyway Mitchell continues his pathetic obsession with Lucy. This show is no longer creepy-crawly, ooky-spooky, wild, weird or wacky it’s annoying. George and Annie continue to be selfish and self obsessed.

Annie looks up Alan a medium then Annie’s mother looks up Alan. Sam and George buy a house. Lucy has ennui and manipulates the idiot Mitchell. What happened to George’s TEFL job? Annie’s gravestone has been changed. Annie decides to stop living in ‘The X Files’ and move on. Why didn’t she do that back in series 1? Lucy and Kemp blow up the vampires. This is all so stupid.

Best Line:
They let the kid doing work experience operate the smoke machine. He didn’t know when to stop. It was like a scene from Backdraft.”

Episode Seven
It seems Ivan and Daisy met during an air raid in WW2. Nina returns to ask George to meet Kemp and Lucy. How did Mitchell survive? Daisy and Mitchell seem to be the only vampires left in Bristol. George acts even more stupidly then usual. Mitchell learns all about Lucy. Annie asks Kemp to exorcise her. George forgets about the full moon and so freaks out at a PTA meeting wrecking his relationship with Sam and Molly.

Mitchell and Daisy massacre a train full of people. George and Annie run off to Kemp ignoring the fact that Mitchell has gone psycho and is doing a takeoff of ‘Blue Velvet' in the kitchen. This was dumb, how did Mitchell never learn Lucy’s surname until now?

Episode Eight
Kemp, Lucy and their followers are freaks. George is dumb and selfish. Mitchell does some more rampaging. Lucy rants. Kemp acts crazier and exorcises Annie. So Annie finally, finally goes through the door via some large ham acting. Mitchell, George and Nina escape and hide out. Lucy and Kemp show up. It is revealed that Lucy and co killed Tully, who made George into a werewolf and whom we met in series 1. Kemp kills Lucy and then Annie shows up and drags Kemp into the netherworld while he’s alive.

Annie than uses the TV to talk to George and Mitchell from the netherworld. Meanwhile Daisy and Cara raise Herrick from the dead. This was dull. I really don’t care about series 3. So they want Annie back from the netherworld? So? What’ll become of Kemp if he’s alive in the afterlife? And why oh why did they bring Herrick back? Series two had about the same level of quality as ‘Dracula: The Series’.

Best Lines:
She said it’s coming.”
“What is?”
“Retribution, my stuff from Amazon.”

“What hell was in that house? What hell have we invited here?”

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