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Fringe Season 2 Ep 19 Review

The Man From The Other Side

A moron teenager pokes a mysterious blob with a stick; the twerp is then killed by a shape shifter from the other side. So unfolds a tale of a shape shifter embryo and how the two universes are out of sync but sometimes come into sync and crossings can be made.

Peter tells Olivia his mother killed herself. Olivia makes some errors in covering up for Walter. Peter calls Walter dad for the first time ever. Granted he called Walter “daddy” in season 1 but he was on drugs at the time. But it is all downhill for Walter and Peter after that. Newton is back and he is setting up a crossing point for a man from the other side.

The team try to stop Newton but someone from the other side crosses over and due to a series of events Peter makes a revelation. He knows and he is filled with cold, angry, suppressed rage. He looks at Olivia with hate and he confronts Walter. Nothing can be done to fix this. Walter did the damage a long time ago. Peter runs. So where has he gone and whose side will he be on? Walter can’t make any excuses; Peter just discovered he is a kidnap victim stolen to order to be a replacement goldfish for the late Peter Bishop. Peter isn’t Walter’s son but where is his real father been all these years? This was very good.

Why is crossing universes so difficult? Walter crossed over and back and Peter crossed over with no bother. Massive Dynamic has an astro-dynamical division? Who is the Secretary? Is it Walternate? What happened to ZFT? Why did the shape shifter apologise to Walter? Did it think he was Walternate? Are Shape shifters made or are they altered humans? Does nobody notice Newton’s set up by the river? Why did the doomed FBI agent just stand there? Does nobody see the bridge appear and disappear?

Best Lines:
You didn’t just open up a hole to the other side, you went through and you brought me back.”

“I’m not from here am I?”

“I am not your son.”

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