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Flashforward Ep 14 Review

Queen Sacrifice

So apparently either this show or ‘V’ will be renewed. I vote for ‘V’. Mark moves out for some reason mostly because Olivia is selfish. They continue to ignore their kid. Dyson Frost’s old videotape reveals he has had hundreds of flashforwards. But how that happened or why he made the videotape at all isn’t explained.

Mark and Vogel go on a hunt for the mole. Simon wears an ugly sweater. During the whack-a-mole hunt a bug is found in Mark’s laptop and an FBI agent reveals his love of an online game called ‘Warlords of Avalon’. Keiko has given up her robotics job to bum around LA with ‘Fast and the Furious’ rejects.

A background character is revealed as the mole and the reveal is made via sugar packets. Olivia and Lloyd talk about a quantum entanglement device and anaesthesia. Bryce kisses Nicole. Simon comes face to face with the somewhat unexpected second mole. Which doesn’t make much sense in retrospect but we’ll see how it plays out. This was very good.

Why hasn’t Lloyd done any work before now? What does dark matter have to do with flashforwards? Why did Dyson Frost play chess to morse code? Who are the moles working for? Where did motorbike guy come from?

Best Line:
This is really screwing with my trust issues.”
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