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Doctor Who: The Time of Angels Review

The Doctor, Amy, River Song and a bevy of red shirts trek through the Maze of the dead in search of a Weeping Angel.

The 2007 ep ‘Blink’ which was the first appearance of the Weeping Angels was very good and really scary; this was equally good and equally scary. There is one problem. What is up with Amy? Is she stupid or something?

The Doctor and his gang run around the Maze being menaced by Angels. What is going on? Who are the Angels and what is their plan? Also who and what is River? The 51st Century church is something. Isn’t the Doctor wondering if Jack Harkness will show up? This was good; Matt Smith now seems able to act. It's not up to the level of 'Turn Left' though.

Best Lines:
These words could burn stars.”

“There’s a difference between dormant and patient.”

“The eyes are not the windows of the souls, they are the doors. Beware what may enter there
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