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Chuck Season 1 Review Part 2

Chuck Versus The Sandworm
It's Halloween and Captain Awesome's costume is something to behold.
Meanwhile Morgan angsts over his and Chuck's sandworm costume. Morgan is
written to be as annoying as possible and I long for him to leave the show.
Casey continues to be a jerk. Meanwhile Chuck bonds (or so he thinks) with
Laszlo, a government worker off his meds and out of his mind. This was okay.

Chuck describing the merits of 'A View To A Kill', including Grace Jones as
a "roid rage sex assassin".
The ejector chair.
Ellie's green eye makeup at the party.

Chuck Versus The Alma Mater
Chuck has to go back to Stanford which prompts him to remember various
moments from his friendship with Bryce (it's nice to see Matthew Bomer
again). At his alma mater, Chuck learns some very surprising facts about
himself and the real reason Bryce had him expelled. This was very good,
leaving aside Bryce's awful college haircut. Meanwhile Morgan's Gordon Gekko
makeover seems to have lasted just for the span of the 'Sand Worm' episode,
nobody at the Buy More notices that spies have taken over the home theatre
room, a Stanford librarian chases Chuck for four years worth of late fees
and Chuck has to summon reinforcements during a gunfight and they are some
Stanford students agents-in-training.

This leaves more questions about Bryce. He had Chuck expelled to keep him
safe, so why send him the Intersect in the first place? Why does Chuck never
take off his employee ID tag while out on a mission with Sarah and Casey?

Chuck Versus The Truth

Best Line: "Moo juice coming right up."

Chuck meets a new love interest in the form of Lou (Rachel Bilson of 'The
'), meanwhile Morgan gets overly close to Harry Tang's wife and Ellie
has a close encounter with an evil dude (Kevin Weisman of 'Alias'). Dosed
with truth serum, Ellie rants at Awesome about his porno shorts and then
nearly dies. Then Chuck, Sarah and Casey get dosed with the serum and run
around wildly while 'Toxic' by Britney Spears plays. After the day is saved,
Harry Tang stumbles onto the truth and is put on a bus off the show. This
was okay, but wasn't Larry promoted in 'Alma Mater'?

Chuck Versus The Imported Hard Salami
Chuck screws up his relationship with Lou and a mysterious metal canister
shipped from Helsinki turns out to contain a very much alive Bryce.
Meanwhile Anna and Morgan get together and Chuck and Sarah kiss. Okay.

Chuck Versus The Nemesis

Best Lines:
"Not pretty!"

"You're the only guy old enough to understand how the registers work ok?
They're from the 80s!"

This episode is like a partial cast reunion for 'Traveler'. Chuck is shocked
to see Bryce and they speak Klingon to each other. Bryce (Matthew Bomer
looks even more hot and adorable than before) explains a few things, kisses
Sarah, sort of reconciles with Chuck and heads off again on another mission.
Meanwhile Chuck learns Casey shot Bryce back in the pilot and that Sarah has
known this all along. Chuck does try to get Bryce killed in a moment of
pique, but everyone brushes that off. Bryce stealing the Intersect was a
mission. There are babblings about Fulcrum and Sand Wall. Bryce gets to hear
Morgan's very low opinion of him. There is a great big fight scene in the
Buy More and then Bryce produces a tuxedo from somewhere and heads off on a
deep cover mission. This was very good, hopeful Bryce will be back in season 2.
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