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Heroes Season 4 Ep 18 Review

Brave New World

Emma changes her mind. Edgar lurks. Ando doesn’t seem to have a job. Peter’s a jerk. Hiro finds Charlie and she had a life without him and she’s old so he lets her go. Matt joins Peter in worship of The Sylar. Noah doesn’t care about Lyle at all. Tracy shows up. Claire forgets Gretchen as she has herself to think about.

Noah and Claire tell the carnies what to do ignoring that Samuel giving the carnies orders was a bad thing but when they do it it’s okay. The ‘specials’ work together as a team sort of. Why did it take four seasons for them to do this? Samuel is arrested. The Sylar gets away with everything because he’s a hero now. Claire shows the world the truth; Noah makes it all about him as per susal. This was dire. I hope this is cancelled.

This show ends with a splat and it started with a bang.
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