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V Ep 8 Review

We Can't Win

If 'Flashforward' can possibly be renewed then this should be renewed. Why has nobody asked the V's about their society, culture or language. Or what the name of their race and home planet is? Why does Tyler never take off his V jacket? Why is he such a brat? Why does the future of the V's depend on Lisa?

Anyway Val's on the run, Erica is assigned to investigate the Fifth Column and Lisa fails her empathy test. Isn't Lisa's jacket camera recording her conversations about the failed test with Joshua? Anna comes up against a sceptical politician but a very convenient natural disaster makes the V's heroes. Anna gives the world a gift of blue energy. Chad seems to be on Team V. Val goes to a V healing centres and is rescued by Ryan. Tyler is definitely on Team V as he and Lisa get it on. Will there be two hybrid pregnancies?

The resistance carry out a sting operation that goes badly. Chad's a tool. Joshua has a plan and Marcus just looks smug. This was good.

Best Lines:
"You're not just visitors, you're here to stay."

"Once they're dependent on it, we can turn it off."

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