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Supernatural Season 5 Ep 12 Review

Swap Meat

Gary a teenage man-witch body swaps with Sam. Gary as Sam runs off with Dean. Sam as Gary is stuck in the burbs with his mean family and evil witch buddies. It takes Dean a while to notice that Sam isn't Sam. Gary's moron witch buddies try to make a deal with a demon. Sam, Dean and Gary have to save the day. This was okay and rather funny. But John used to abandon his kids with motel chambermaids? Charming, that man had no concern for anyone but himself.

Best Lines:
"Young man are you drunk?"

"You little satanic bastard."

"Are you smoking drugs?"

"Have you idiots been talking to demons?"

"I wouldn't exactly call praying to our dark overlord goofing around."

"Yum. Tastes like moron."

"Rebel a little bit, in a healthy non-satanic way."

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