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Fringe Season 2 Ep 18 Review

White Tulip

A man named Peck (Peter Weller of 'Odyssey 5') can travel through time. Walter debates on how to tell Peter. As for Peter, he is noting Walter's odd behaviour. Wait until he finds out everyone lied to him. Anyway Peck has turned himself into a time machine because his fiancée died and he blames himself. Walter sees a kindred spirit in Peck. Yes they're both selfish and don't care about how many deaths they cause as long as they get what they want. Peck and Walter talk, Walter goes deep into the self pity as he reveals he stole a child. Peck doesn't blink. Peck does as he wills. This was good, but TPTB really want to whitewash Walter's crimes.

What happened to the ghost network and the discs embedded in people's hands? Where is Jessup? Why does Peter never get deja vu? Is it because he is living in the wrong universe? Where is the past version of Peck during all his time travelling? Didn't anyone notice his extreme body modifications? How did Peck's letter get to MIT?

Best Lines:
"Grief can drive people to extraordinary lengths."

"I crossed into another universe and took a son that wasn't mine."

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