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Flashforward Ep 13 Review

Better Angels

Janis, Demetri, Vogel, Simon and some red shirts go to Somalia. In various other uninteresting subplots Nicole decides to study pre-med, Bryce's on/off sickness returns and the hunt continues for Dyson Frost who has a name out of a low rent urban fantasy novel. Janis and co run into a warlord who had a flashforward of being a peace maker. Demetri and co find a creepy 18 year old video tape made by Dyson Frost. Olivia finally asks Charlie about her flashforward.

It is becoming clear that Mark may have no future, that time travel may be involved, that Vogel has an agenda and that Olivia is utterly selfish. This was an abysmally awful episode. People are changing their flashforwards left and right, why assume the future is set in stone?

Best Lines:
"Tell me who you people are or I will kill him."
"Sod off."

"Death is a black camel that kneels at every man's gate.

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