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Doctor Who: Victory of the Daleks Review

In the dark days of WW2, Winston Churchill summons the Doctor to London and the Daleks are waiting. This was an okay ep but the new theme music is horrible,Amy pond annoys and Matt Smith cannot act. Also the Doctor seems unconcerned that the 9th Doctor, Rose, Jack Harkness and at least three other versions of Jack may be running around London right now.

He's more concerned that the Daleks are serving tea. The Doctor and the Daleks have a chat and more Daleks show up. They're back, again. We also get spitfires in outer space, Amy and the Doctor talking down a robot bomb and the new breed Daleks wiping out the old Daleks shrieking: "Cleanse the unclean!"

Why doesn't Amy know about the Daleks? What are the cracks about? This show has lost something with RTD's departure.

Best Lines:
"Wren's churches in flames."
"Yeah? Try the Earth in flames."

"The Restoration of the Daleks!"

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