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Heroes Season 4 Ep 17 Review

The Wall

This is cancelled right?

We get the Sylar/Peter/Noah/Claire show. Joy. Samuel has Noah's deepest secrets revealed. He had a wife before Sandra who was killed by a special so he dedicated to killing all 'abnormal' specials. Claire upon seeing her daddy is a serial killer doesn't care. It is then revealed that Noah married Sandra and her bad wig on the orders of his evil boss (Eric Roberts). Claire still doesn't care. It is then revealed he menaced Gretchen. Claire and Noah act like snots, they really don't care about anyone but themselves.

Meanwhile Peter is obsessed with Emma. He's forgotten Caitlin and forgives Sylar for killing Nathan. Sylar's suddenly good again. Oh for crying out loud. Why doesn't Samuel just kill Lauren, Claire and Noah? He has movie villain syndrome. Matt seems to have vanished. This was just awful.
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