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'Quantum Leap' Quotes

"I can assume with 96.5% accuracy that he and Suzanne are either parked at the top of Lover's Leap or dead at the bottom."

"Your counterpart in the waiting room thinks he's dead. He thinks I'm St Peter and I'm going to send him to hell for over charging his hours."

"How could you, then of course how could you not?"

"I guess I owe you one too."
"Just one?"

"I seem to intimidate them."
"Maybe it's your clothes."

"You're going to die on May 14th. that's in two days."
"I know that Al. Why?"
"Why? Well, probably because you can't live with two thousand volts of electricity going through your body."

"Do you have to sneak up on me?"
"I'm sorry. What do you expect a hologram to do? Knock?"

"I've changed history. Oh my god, I've killed Al!"

"She was never in danger."
"She is now."

"You know how this story's going to end, don't you?"
"I know how you want it to."
"Yes, I believe you do."

"3500 year old dead men do not just get up and walk around."

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