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V Ep 7 Review

John May

Ten years ago Ryan was sent to Earth where he found John May (Michael Trucco) and killed him. Oops, somehow he hasn’t let anyone else on this until now. Chad looks into the Live Aboard programme and shows that he is an enormous tool. Tyler learns that Joe isn’t his dad. Tyler’s life really is an episode of ‘Maury’. What is with Tyler’s paternity?

Tyler is too dumb to see how Lisa is playing him like a cello. Tyler needs to be put out in the yard for a while. Ryan recruits John May’s stepson James May to the Resistance despite killing his beloved step dad. Also James’ girlfriend was a V sleeper agent. Val finds Ryan’s huge safe full of secrets and runs away.

On the mother ship bad things happen to Gerogie and he dies. Anna spawns. This was dull.

Best Line:
“John May lives. Trite and untrue.”
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