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Stargate Universe Season 1 Ep 11 Review


As they fly around the cold and pitiless universe it becomes clear that Eli may or may not have the ability to read his own t-shirt. Young suddenly has a razor and Wray runs a sneaky fear campaign against the military. While using the stupid stones, Young’s consciousness is transferred to an alien ship. How? I don’t know.

Rush is onboard the alien ship. How? The blue fish aliens abduct Chloe. Why? Scott is upset and chases after the idiot Chloe. It seems the blue fish aliens breathe the same atmosphere as humans. Rush and Chloe end up back on the Destiny. The blue fish aliens want Destiny or so Rush says. Then he sneaks off to do more pot stirring and there is a musical montage. This was just uhhhhh.

Best Lines:
“I need this ship working now.”
“You should have thought of that before you got rid of Rush.”

“For the record I think this is a very bad idea.”
“Yes, but it’s the best of the bad ideas.”

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