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Flashforward Ep 12 Review


What’s stranger then seeing Gene Hunt miming to ‘Uptown Girl’? Learning that Aaron was in jail for manslaughter, which has never been mentioned before. Some friend Mark is to him. Aaron was in jail and started brawls. You do not mess with him and his glued on beard. Aaron learns that Mike, Tracey’s alleged friend, is an enemy. Tracey is abducted by Jericho and shipped off in a box. So Aaron and his weird beard beats Mike up.

Demetri tells Zoey about Mark possibly killing him. Zoey goes into full on snot mode. Janis has baby rabies. Tracey drinks. Lloyd is obnoxious, no change there. Lloyd reveals that he knows who D Gibbons is. Mark does have his job back despite being “frequently stupid”. Vogel has an agenda. The annoying blonde criminal returns. Mark ignores Aaron and Mark’s gun vanishes from lock up. This was good.

Best Lines:
I thought we were playing outrageous accusations.”

“You’re going to get us both killed.”
“You first.”

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