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Heroes Season 4 Ep 16 Review

The Art of Deception

Samuel’s followers are a tiny bit upset he dropped a town into a sinkhole. There is lots of lens flare. Gretchen puts up with the self obsessed Claire. Janice doesn’t know who Sylar is. Peter forgets all about Nathan as he decides only Sylar can save Emma.

Claire never goes to class, Peter never goes to work, Lauren annoys, Noah is a murderous liar (again) and Samuel has a minion shot up the carnival and frames Noah. Lydia’s killed, Lauren and her out of control hair extension is shot and Claire keeps defending her father.

Sylar self justifies. Matt finally defeats Sylar only for Peter to try and undo it because he is selfish and stupid. Why didn’t Matt just shoot Sylar in the head instead of rein acting Poe on him? How much margarine does Sylar have on his head? Why did Emma join Samuel? Why did Lauren call Tracy? This was dull and with a plot that can only be called infantile.
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