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V Ep 6 Review

Pound of Flesh

Anna institutes empathy tests. Marcus’ face continues to not move, but maybe he is getting sick of her and her rat chewed hair. The V’s announce their Live Aboard programme. The annoying mercenary realises the ‘resistance’ consists only of: “A priest, a civvie, a lizard and a fed.” Couldn’t they have got Michael Ironside for the mercenary role?

Erica takes Tyler to his dad Joe (Nicholas Lea of ‘The X Files’) to keep him away from Lisa. Jack talks to Chad and his fake tan. Joshua and Samuel help Ryan broadcast a message to the Fifth Column. Ryan slips Val a drug to help with her creepy pregnancy. Lisa tracks Tyler down. Georgie is busted on the mother ship. This was good, a vast improvement.

What is Anna lying to her people about? What is Anna’s plan? What is Lisa up to with Tyler? What are Joe and Erica hiding from Tyler? Where has Tyler’s annoying friend gone? What did the ultrasound show? What does the hybrid baby mean? Doesn’t Tyler wonder how Lisa found him?
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