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Lost Season 6 Ep 11 Review

Happily Ever After

Season 6 keeps showing me an outhouse and claiming it’s the Taj Mahal. Widmore’s kidnapped Desmond. This leads to Desmond beating Widmore with an IV stand. Zoë and Widmore experiment on Desmond which fries his brain (maybe) so he agrees to work for them until he decides to wander off with Sayid instead. Zoë and Widmore both need to shut up, frak off and die. Also Zoë needs to wear a bra. Widmore has loads of people on the island. How many people did Widmore pack onto his submarine?

In the flash sideways Claire shows off her ratty hair extensions, Desmond wears a bad wig and is Widmore’s right hand man/lickspittle. Widmore is married to Eloise and Daniel is a musician. Also Charlie the junkie makes Desmond have visions. The two realities are apparently blending into each other, oh joy.

Desmond goes chasing after Penny Milton. Eloise makes stupid statements. Daniel does his usual annoying mumbling and Charles Manson like twitching. Desmond and Penny meet. This was stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid.

What are Widmore’s lot doing and who cares? Why does Jin just stand around with Widmore’s crew? Imaginary time? Quantum mechanics? Is Desmond brain fried?
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