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Movie Review: The House of the Devil (2009)

It’s some time in the 1980’s and Samantha needs rent money to pay her kindly landlady (Dee Wallace of ‘Popcorn’). She takes a babysitting job with the freaky Ulman family. They’re creepy and they live in the middle of nowhere. Samantha is not a keen judge of character as she stays in the house even when she learns there is no baby.

Mrs Ulman (Mary Woronov of ‘Night of the Comet’) is freaky, Samantha’s best friend Megan has an advanced case of processed hair and there are really unsubtle hints about an eclipse. Malice oozes from Mr Ulman but Samantha stays. She walks around the house and eats a nasty looking pizza. Eventually she finds out that the rodenty looking baddies have plans for her. Things finally get interesting and then the film ends. This was slow and really boring.
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