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Chuck Season 1 Review Part 1

It's like 'Jake 2.0', only different!

Chuck a nerd who works in a Buy More gets top secret government data
downloaded into his brain, thanks to former friend Bryce Larkin. Now why
Bryce did this and destroyed the original repository of this info is a
mystery, especially since Bryce got Chuck unceremoniously expelled from
Stanford years earlier. Now Chuck has two government agents Casey and Sarah
watching over him. An okay start.

Highlight: Bryce's theft of the data via some fantastic stunt work. Bryce is
easy on the eye too, he's played by Matthew Bomer of 'Traveler'.

Chuck Versus The Helicopter
Can Dr Zarnow remove the data from Chuck's head? Well, no. Kind of routine
after the pilot ep. Chuck should be grateful to Bryce, otherwise Chuck would
have ended up as one of those yells-at-the-radio-guys.

Highlight: Chuck's throwaway line about Oceanic Flight 815 (of 'Lost') being
shot down.

Chuck Versus The Tango
Chuck goes an a mission and ends up tangoing with an arms dealer who then
tries to kill him. This was funny stuff, especially the scenes of Chuck and
Captain Awesome tangoing. The Buy More scenes are a bit superfluous and
Morgan annoys. Sarah seems to wear her porno Heidi costume about 90% of the
time. Good.

Chuck Versus The Wookie

Best Line: "How am I supposed to know Carina has a remote controlled jet

Everybody is hating on poor Bryce. Meanwhile Chuck obsesses over what
Sarah's real name could be as well the fact Sarah dated Bryce. A former
colleague of Sarah's, Carina, shows up and she, Sarah and Chuck have an
adventure involving a diamond. Good. It's never explained why Sarah uses a
fake name in the spygame and Bryce didn't.

Highlight: The theft of the diamond during which Sarah and Carina dress like
they're having an affair with the milkman,

Chuck Versus The Sizzling Shrimp
Ellie's whining because Chuck keeps putting down his mysterious absences to
Sarah and her spastic colon. Chuck, Casey and Sarah get involved in
Chinatown hijinks. It is revealed that Ellie and Chuck's mom 'left'. Did she
walk out, die or is she like Sydney's mom on 'Alias'? Only time will tell.
This was dull.

Highlight: Ellie's rabbit t-shirt.
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