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Fringe Season 2 Ep 16 Review


Walter visits Olivia to justify his kidnapping of Peter and make it all his wife’s fault. Cue flashbacks to 1983 that show Walter used power without guilt and loved without doubt. Walter built a window to spy on the other universe which had technology 30 years ahead of ours, they also had zeppelins. The military funded Walter so he would copy technology.

It seems Peter was sick in both universes. Both Walter and Walternate (as Walter dubs his other universe self) looked for a cure. Walter was copying Walternate’s work. Walter stopped by his wife Elizabeth and the angelic invalid Peter just in time for Peter to die and have a funeral. Nina attends sporting a Halloween fright wig.

Thanks to the Observer Walternate messes up his development of the cure. So Walter decides on the rational decision to travel to the alternate universe with the cure. Carla and Nina try to talk him out of it. Travel between universes is possible but Walter and Carla lied to their paymasters and said it was impossible.

Walter arrogantly ignores Nina and Carla. Walter spells out his low opinion of Bell too and stomps off to the other universe with just one vial of the cure. Nina loses her arm in the process. The vial breaks so Walter decides to take the other Peter. Walter meets the other Elizabeth and calmly plots her child’s abduction. Walter takes other Peter as other Elizabeth says: “Bring him back to me.”

Walter meets the observer. Elizabeth sees other Peter and cries. So Walter blames her for keeping Peter. This was excellent. Walter’s justification for his actions was grotesque; it’s all about his pain. What about the pain he caused the other Elizabeth and Walternate? Where is Walternate?

The 1980’s style opening credits were brilliant. In the other universe, ‘Back to the Future’ came out two years early in 1983 and starred Eric Stoltz.

Why hasn’t that window been mentioned before? Peter had a funeral. So how do they explain him being alive and the death certificate? Bell didn’t bother to show up for Peter’s funeral. Why didn’t Walternate and the other universe know they were being watched? Why is Peter significant? Is Walter’s assistant Dr Carla Warren, the lab assistant who later died? Are other Elizabeth and Walternate still waiting for their son to come home? Other Elizabeth saw and spoke to Walter, did Walternate guess who took his son?

Best Lines:
“No limitations, no boundaries. There is no reason for them.”

“He knew he was loved. Didn’t he?”

“Shattering the wall between universes would rupture the fundamental constants of nature.”

“Walter there has to be a line somewhere. There has to be a line we can’t cross.”

“Some things are not ours to tamper with.”

“There is only room for one god in this lab and it’s not yours.”

“I could never take Peter back.”

“I couldn’t lose him again.”

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