epiphany_maria (epiphany_maria) wrote,

Jericho Season 3 Issue #3 Review

A bus comes to Jericho bringing old and new faces. Skylar returns to Jericho after an unsuccessful attempt to find her parents in New York. Eric and Gail greet Uncle Emmett, who is Johnston’s never before mentioned identical brother and he’s here for a visit. Meanwhile Jake and Hawkins break into a maximum security prison with some ease.

Eric marries Mary, oh what a class act he is. No-one mentions April. Emmett makes a scene at the wedding reception; class just runs through the Green family doesn’t it? Gail is annoyed. Emmett blathers on about a storm coming. Emmett annoys me; wacky identical brothers of dead characters tend to do that. Meanwhile Jake and Hawkins find John Smith. This was good save for Emmett.
Tags: jericho

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