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Supernatural Season 5 Ep 10 Review

Abandon All Hope...

Sam and Dean get the colt from your friendly neighbourhood crossroads demon. What is never explained is why Ruby helped Bobby fix the thing in the first place. So Sam, Dean, Jo, Ellen and Castiel head to the town of Carthage to kill Lucifer. Meanwhile Bobby hangs around in various scenes like a bad smell.

The town is full of Reapers, Castiel gets trapped with holy oil by Lucifer, Meg shows up to annoy and invisible hellhounds savage Jo. Lucifer unleashes the horseman Death. Jo, Ellen, Sam and Dean take refuge in a hardware store and plot an A-Team style fight back.

But it all turns out to be for nothing, worse than nothing. Sam cannot act. People die and Castiel uses Meg as a footbridge to escape the holy oil. This was good.

Best Lines:
Sam Winchester having trust issues with a demon. Well better late than never.”

“The Angel of Death. Big daddy Reaper. They keep this guy chained in a box 600 feet under. Last time they hauled him up, Noah was building a boat.”

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