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Flashforward Ep 11 Review, part deux

Revelation Zero, Part 2

Things almost seem bleak. Bryce and Nicole bond with Nicole’s nutty mother and her wall of pennies. Mark rescues Lloyd and Simon; of course Simon was in league with the baddie all along. Lloyd is smug and unapologetic. Mark seems to have his job back. The blackout investigation continues to be luckless and aimless. Simon is Suspect Zero. Simon continues to act ‘bad’, someone call Beowulf, a wannabe Grendal is on the loose.

Uncle Teddy (Ricky Jay) is a bad man. He and Simon are part of some plot. When Simon learns that Uncle Teddy had his father killed and kidnapped his sister, well evil has standards. So Simon kills Uncle Teddy in a display of large ham acting not seen since Al Pacino in ‘The Devil’s Advocate’. Simon is nuts. This was okay.

D Gibbons gave Simon his orders? Is Olivia the only doctor in LA? Who did Uncle Teddy report to? Why did they cause a blackout at all?
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