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Heroes Season 4 Ep 15 Review


Sylar confronts Claire and demands that the orange one tell him where he went wrong in life. Hiro the moron man child hallucinates a trial of his life where his dead dad is the judge and Adam is the prosecutor. ‘Earth: Final Conflict’ did the exact same plot in the 90’s!

Samuel tries to convince Vanessa that stalking = love. Samuel is the worst villain. After dealing with Sylar, Claire and Gretchen decide to get together without actually doing any getting. Hiro shows that he is obsessed with Charlie and doesn’t care about any of the stacks of people that Sylar killed. Then he meets his dead mother and she cures him via some elegant banter. Hiro doesn’t die. Why won’t TPTB kill off Hiro, Sylar or Noah? Hiro wakes up. Samuel freaks out because Vanessa won’t stay. This show is an awful thing.
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