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V Ep 5 Review

Welcome to the War

I guess TPTB were ordered to make better episodes and so they did. Yay! Jack the priest is brought to a Visitor healing centre, healed and injected with R6. Which is not good as the R6 is a tracker. Erica fights off a V and fails to parent Tyler. Val doesn’t know she’s carrying a hybrid baby even when she gets the urge to eat a dead mouse. Tyler’s a jerk, no change there.

Ryan looks up another v and keeps secrets from his buddies. Erica strong-arms a mercenary named Hobbes into training the anti-V resistance. Anna bends the tool Chad to her will. Chad is useless. Marcus broods. Ryan does a icky trick with his eye.

Anna the Queen decides to build an army so she mates amid dry ice and then to give her eggs nourishment, eats her mate. Oh that was nasty. This was good.

Is Jack’s boss a V? What is Lisa’s destiny? Why did Anna send for the coming fleet?
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