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Lost Season 6: The Package Reviewed

In the flash sideways Sun and Jin aren’t married. They encounter Keamy and Mikhail. There’s a shoot out and soon Sun is suffering from acute lead poisoning.

Back on the island Sayid acts stoned. Fake Locke says something is coming. Widmore’s gang attack Fake Locke’s crew. Elsewhere Ben doesn’t seem concerned about Richard stomping off into the jungle. Sun is selfish, throws a tantrum, doesn’t seem to care about her daughter, then fake Locke chases her into a tree and she gets aphasia.

Richard stalks back and suggests they actually do something. Widmore claims he’s here to stop fake Locke. Oh shut up Jim Robinson. If only TPTB had got the guy who plays Paul Robinson to do this role instead. Zoë is a geophysicist and her name does not appear to be Zoë. She needs to shut up; her Liz Lemon face annoys me. Widmore has Desmond on his boat. This ep was tiresome. Really tiresome. Idiot flash sideways and useless characters and idiot plots.

Why isn’t Kate’s name on the wall anymore? Does fake Locke want Kate and Claire to kill each other? He’s setting it up. Where is Penny? What is fake Locke? What is Widmore up to?
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