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Caprica Ep 9 Review

End of the Line

Clarice and Barnabas clash. Lacy is stupid. Joseph lies on his sofa getting mouldy. Sam objects to this. Sam should have thought twice before stealing the affections of Joseph’s only surviving child then shouldn’t he? Evelyn is revealed to have been Joseph’s v-world guide. What is her agenda? Joseph meets Tamara, she gets rid of him and he comes out of v-world to brood. He’s a virtual junkie and Tamara’s doing whatever it is she does.

Daniel’s in trouble about the chip. People know what he did. Vergis is winning. Zoë continues to be a psychopath by manipulating Lacy, killing Philomon and stealing a car and going for a ride. The Zoë robot can drive? The car can take the weight of the Zoë robot? Zoë crashes through a police barricade and we can but hope TPTB get rid of Zoë.

Also Amanda jumps off a bridge and Lacy is dumb enough to let Barnabas scare her into killing one of Clarice’s husbands. This was good but Zoë and Lacy need to go.
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