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Retro Review: Charmed Season 2 Ep 2

Morality Bites

It’s 1999 and Phoebe has a vision of being burned at the stake in 2009 so she, Piper and Prue time travel into their future bodies to find out what’s up. In this 2009 Piper and Leo are divorced and they have a daughter named Melinda. Prue is blonde, has no concept of work or age appropriate attire and owns Bucklands. There are voice command controlled TV’s, weird cars, MTV are showing ‘Real World 18: On the Moon’ and there is no sign of a recession or Paige, Chris, Wyatt and Billie. And Phoebe? She’s in jail, about to be burned at the stake after getting caught using her magic to kill a man.

A local DA named Nathaniel Pratt has set up a modern day witch hunt. For some reason Piper and Prue have escaped suspicion. Nobody even notices when Prue’s power blows up half of Piper’s attic. And this with posters all over the city that proclaim: ‘Rid the evil. Turn in witches’.

The sisters plan to break Phoebe out. Phoebe wails in jail as she is tormented by Pratt, who is a great baddie. Pratt plans to burn all witches. Phoebe realises her future self crossed a line and so allows the execution to happen. It’s very dramatic as Phoebe is burnt at the stake while her sisters cry. Did nobody notice them in the chamber? This was good and an example of ‘Charmed’ at its best. Still Phoebe seemed to have forgotten this lesson as by season 8 she had turned into a selfish skeletal, glitter eye shadow sporting hag.

Why were Cal Greene and Pratt never mentioned again? How did Phoebe kill Cal? Why are the sisters so obsessed with men?

Best Lines:
“Let that be a warning to other witches out there. You’re next.”


“What did I do? Premonition the man to death?”

“I love the smell of burnt witch in the morning.”

“She used her power to kill Greene, got caught and her magic exposed by Nathaniel Pratt.”

“I thought that the to hell with the little people part was particularly persuasive.”

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