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Movie Review: Ricochet (1991)

In 1983 Earl Talbot Blake (John Lithgow of ‘Raising Cain’) is a criminal nutter who is arrested by cop Nick Styles (Denzel Washington) in a dramatic arrest. It’s all caught on tape by a guy with a video camera and Styles becomes a hero and Blake a joke.

Seven years pass as Styles becomes ADA, marries, has two kids and does a lot of charity work. He also grows a horrible moustache. Blake plots revenge while in jail, he acquires an adoring sidekick and commits an improbable escape. Then he fakes his death and he and his sidekick start bringing about the ruin of Styles.

Soon Styles’ career and image are in tatters as Blake wrecks havoc in his life. Styles mopes in a pink bathrobe and then Blake ups the ante even more by framing Styles for the murder of his best friend. Styles fights back. This was okay.

Best Lines:
He’s trying to make me look crazy.”
“Well I hate to tell you honey, but it’s working.”

“Is that how you treat your friends? I’m glad we’re enemies.”

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