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Burn Notice Season 1 Eps 8 to 11 Reviewed

Wanted Man

The gang prove a man is innocent of stealing a diamond brooch. Michael finds some information on why he got burned. There are hijinks and a tiresome subplot that deals with Fi flirting with the client of the week. This was okay.

Best Lines:
Even paranoids have enemies.”

“We just left the world’s largest bounty hunter knocked out on my front lawn.”

“People who talk to you. Sometimes they don’t live so long.”

Hard Bargain

The gang help Nick whose fiancée has been abducted. Nick’s dumb. Michael does improbable things; he’s a spy not a wizard. A bureaucrat (Ayre Gross) shows up to kill Michael. This was dull.

False Flag

Evelyn (Lucy Lawless of ‘Xena, Warrior Princess’) asks Michael to help find her missing husband and son. Michael falls for this weeping woman who looks like Patricia Arquette. Her despair and desperation cannot be denied. Then he finds out she’s a liar. This was tiresome.

Loose Ends

Nate the idiot brother returns. Michael gets aggro from his vile family. Michael gets a visit from a mysterious guy and they play idiot games with her. Fi jumps off a bridge and shows off her granny pants. Everything goes bad. There are angry drug dealers and men in black running around. Michael and his swaggering coterie of idiots do stuff. This ep and the show in general are a disappointment.
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