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Supernatural Season 5 Ep 9 Review

The Real Ghostbusters

Sam and Dean arrive at a sparsely populated ‘Supernatural’ fan convention run by the annoying Chuck and Becky. Various people dressed as ‘Supernatural’ characters run around; there seem to be very few women in attendance.

As “dudes wearing MacGyver jackets” run around LARPing and re-enacting dramatic scenes from the past in dramatic voices, real ghosts show up. Sam, Dean and two idiots must save the day. The gang of dysfunctional derelicts defeat the ghosts despite some bad editing. This was okay. Fans use the aliases Agents Lennon, McCartney, Jagger and Richards. That’s funny. The stupid Colt is brought up again, that’s just tired.

Best Lines:
“Who gave you the rights to our life story?”
“An Archangel.”

“We generally don’t like to publicise this to, you know, normal people
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