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Flashforward Ep 11 review

Revelation Zero, Part 1

There is a portentous opening, Olivia continues to drool over Lloyd and coddle Dylan, Mark has to see a shrink and Simon annoys. Timothy, a window washer turned preacher spouts cod philosophy, Olivia just will not stop her emotional adultery, Janis is fooled and Simon is carried off by the heavies of the baddie (Ricky Jay). Dylan is still in hospital being a bed blocker; this is ludicrous at this point.

Bryce is once again ignored by TPTB, Nicole sees the man who will drown her while Lloyd and Simon are informed that they didn’t cause the blackout after all. Mark recalls more of his flashforward and learns there will be another blackout. Aaron and Mark forget they had a falling out. Lloyd’s being keeping secrets. This was good.

What is up with Nicole’s nutty mother? Is Sanctuary all it seems? What did cause the blackout? Why didn’t Lloyd reveal that there will be another blackout earlier? What is up with Red Panda?
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