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Heroes Season 4 Ep 14 Review

Close to You

Noah continues his obsession with Samuel and stalks Samuel’s old love Vanessa (Kate Vernon). Noah never learns does he? He stalks people, commits breaking and entering and orders Matt to mind screw Vanessa.

Ando actually uses his power as he and Hiro bust Suresh out of the nut house. The nut house Hiro dumped Suresh in many eps ago. Angela warns Peter that Emma will kill thousands. Peter smashes Emma’s cello which upsets her. Ando has no dignity and somehow cures Hiro’s brain with his red lightening. Noah runs around with a gun and a taser looking like a serial killer. Noah alienates everyone. This was totally stupid.

What is TPTB obsession with Samuel, Noah, Peter and Sylar? Who is the father of Lydia’s snotty daughter? How did Matt get away with his rampage? And why is Matt now unemployed?

Best Lines:
“There’s nothing you can do to save her.”

“Half this family is dead.”

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